Protective Styles

It’s difficult going through transition, trust me I know! At times, it’s quite frustrating to get those perfect looking curls. Try as we might, there are just days that our hair does nothing else than to work against us LOL! This is where protective hair styles come into play. It may be obvious to some, but figuring out how to handle such situations can be quite a task in itself.


IMG_0853I tend to wear protective hair styles on third or fourth day hair, by simply twisting the hair, or if I’m in a rush, swirling it into a top bun. This is a great way to protect the hair from the elements or simply hide the transition. My natural curly state leaves my hair extremely tangly and the shrinkage is huge. So it try and prolong my hair style, I tend to go for twist outs. This entails parting a section of the hair into two parts and twisting it. I spray the hair with a mixture of water and botanical conditioner, apply my favourite oil, twisting the length of the hair and curling the ends. I do this in the evening to allow my hair to dry over night. The next morning, I simply gently undo the twists, fluff the roots and voilá! Not only is my hair protected at night but looks refreshed and elongated the following morning.IMG_0860



Another method of protecting the hair is swirling it into a top knot. This method of styling is usually my go-to the day before wash day. I detangle the hair using coconut oil and wrap it up in a top knot for the rest of the day. This has made the process of washing less tangly and fuss-free!


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  1. Chrisanthea Johnston
    December 14, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    Stunning!!!!very proud of you xx


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