Product Review: Urtekram

Hello Lovlies :)


This time around, I will be reviewing a little gem that I found not too long ago. It’s not always a breeze finding products for my hair type. Most natural and organic products tend to be quite pricey in Austria and oftentimes, they do not bring the results that I am aiming for.


However, I happened to spot the following brand of products in my local health and beauty retailer. The “Regenerating Aloe Vera Conditioner” by Urtekram is not only certified organic, but is also vegan and cruelty-free. I ended up only purchasing the conditioner because when I do cleanse my hair, I use Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap (which I will review soon too :) ).




I have used this product as both a co-wash, as well as a leave it, and in both instances it left my hair feel so soft, smooth and supple, not to mention the moisture the it provided! I am more than impressed with this product and will definitely be purchasing it in the future. The only downside would be that it is only available in a 250 ml bottle, which is not a lot of product. However, it only retails at €4, 99, so I will definitely be getting this in BULK :) For those of you, who would like to test the product for yourselves, you can find it by clicking here.


My results using this amazing product: 


twist out 3twist out 1

I hope you all enjoyed my review :) Stay tuned for more to come!


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