Next Day Curls

Hi Lovlies!

You may be wondering how you can protect your curls after spending all this time cleansing, co-washing, conditioning, deep conditioning and styling them. Well, that is exactly what I would like to dedicate this post to today :)

It is nearly impossible to cleanse, condition and style your hair every day! I would have to dedicate most of my time to doing this each day. My aim is to achieve the best results in the least amount of time possible. You could lie on your back when going to bed, spreading your hair back over your pillow and not move an inch to prevent frizz. If you do not toss and turn in your sleep then this would be an option. I have tried this, but I am a restless sleeper so that is definitely not an option for me.

Before I head off for a good night’s rest I tie my hair up in a “pineapple”. While my head is tilted forward, I gather my hair gently at the center of my head and loosely tie it with a fabric-covered ponytail holder. My hair is extremely curly, so I only wrap the holder around my hair once. That way it is free flowing and I don’t wake up the following morning with a “dent” in the center of my head. This prevents the hair from getting knotted and keeps frizz at bay. During the last almost four months of being natural, my hair has become extremely long, so to prevent my “pineapple” from hanging in my face all night, I gently wrap my hair in a silk scarf (to the dismay of my husband – LOL!). You may also use only the scarf to wrap your hair or a ribbon. Sleeping on a silk pillow is also recommended. It does not have to be 100% silk, but a silk-like material. This prevents moisture being stripped from the hair as well as preventing breakage!

The following morning, I simply remove the hair tag very gently and run the palms of my hands, which I wet slightly under cold, running tap water, over the bulk of my hair and massage my scalp to stimulate the blood flow. If my hair needs an extra boost, I will spray it with lavender water and add a tiny bit of oil to the ends. This I usually do on the fourth or fifth day. That’s it! You’re ready to take on the day :)


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