Deep Conditioning

Hello Lovlies,

For today’s posting, I would like to go into depth about deep conditioning. Deep conditioning is essential to get curls back to their natural state and ensure the hair is well moisturized and strengthened, especially when you’re currently in the transitioning phase.

As with cleansers and botanical conditioners and leave-in conditioners, it is important to opt for natural ingredients (read the ingredient listings!!) I use the Shea Moisture Yucca & Baobab Anti-Breakage Masque with Biotion & Bamboo Extract for thin, fine hair. Pfew, that was a mouthful :) Why I use a deep conditioning mask for thin, fine hair you ask? Well because firstly, I love volume and secondly, I have voluminous hair when it is dry, however, when wet, the single strands are quite fragile. This deep conditioner is an all-natural treatment that deeply penetrates, to moisturize, strengthen and prevents breakage. It thickens, volumizes and softens the hair beautifully. The Baobab oil contains vitamins A, C, D, E and F to strengthen the hair, Yucca thickens the hair while adding volume and Biotin is a powerful B vitamin that strengthens the hair follicle.


I section my cleansed hair and apply a generous amount to each section and distribute the product from the roots to the ends. Then, I use either my fingers or a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute the product through my hair. Usually the product stays on my hair for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes, I would cover my hair with a shower cap and apply moderate heat for extra effectiveness. One could also, steam the hair. I opt to sit in the sauna for about 15-20 minutes while the product is in my hair. The moist heat adds extra hydration. Thoroughly rinse thereafter.


Now, I know that this product is very pricy (€18,60 excl. delivery costs) and not everyone is willing to spend that much on a product, which is understandable! I don’t ALWAYS use the Shea Moisture products because I want to get the most use out of them. But we do have other all-natural options, like making your own deep conditioning treatment 😉 Mix an egg, one avocado, one banana, a small amount of coconut oil (or any other vegetable oil like olive oil). Apply this mixture to your hair and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Remember to rinse the concoction thoroughly from your hair. What is great about homemade mixtures is that you know EXACTLY which ingredients are contained in the treatment – BONUS :)


That’s it from me! Until next time

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