Product Review – Biofficina Toscana Styling Lotions

A few weeks ago, I was gifted two hair styling products by the Italian brand, Biofficina Toscana. Even though I was a bit sceptical at first, I tried them both on my hair on numerous occasions.

The Soft Curl Lotion claims to provide a protective natural wavy effect and has a subtle fruity-floral scent. The Defining Curl Lotion, on the other hand, protects against heat and claims to provide great definition for curls and wavy hair, having the same fruity-floral scent as the Soft Curl Lotion. Both styling products have the exact same silky and smooth consistency, which I found quite interesting as they claim to have different effects on curly and waxy hair types.

Now, the reason that I am reviewing both products is because I have experience more or less the same styling effect with both. They both provide very little hold for my thick, long and coarse curls but on application, make my hair feel silky smooth. Once dry, my hair was left looking and feeling moisturised, and on moist occasions, feeling quite soft to the touch. I have to admit that I used quite a bit of product which is a same seeing and bottles only have 100 ml of content in them, but I could imagine that wavy hair would perhaps gain more usage from these products.

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My verdict? I am on the fence regarding these hair styling products. They are good but I have definitely used better styling products for my curls. I loved the moisturised look and feel but the minimal hold and little content contained in the bottles will definitely have me rethinking purchasing these products.


The Soft Curl Lotion and Defining Curl Lotion can both be found on the Biofficina Toscana homepage, retailing at € 9, 50 and € 9, 70 respectively.




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