Hair Salon Visit Gone Wrong

I’ve neglected my blog for, what I thought, was a good reason. But thinking back, I was just being selfish and depriving my readers from experiencing from what I went through and preventing you from making the same mistake I did.
IMG_1550About seven months ago, I decided to visit a hair salon to get my damaged ends cut and shape a style that I would be comfortable wearing. After visiting a few salons in my area, explaining how I would like my hair cut, I decided on one particular salon called togethair. A colleague of mine, who also has curly hair, suggested having a consultation there. The stylist I met was from Canada so explaining what I wanted wasn’t that difficult as we conversed in English (all the other hairdressers were Austrian). Anyway, after my consultation, I was confident that she gets it. So I made the appointment and was quite excited.

The day came and the first thing that I was told, is that I need to get a wash first. Alarm bells should have gone off in that very moment, but I shrugged it off. Thereafter, we spoke before she took the scissors to start cutting, and I was rest assured that she understood what I wanted. She started cutting away, and as she progressed to the front of my head I realized, in horror, how much hair she had taken off, which was definitely not part of the deal.

I remember there was a lot of shouting from my side and I left without even getting my hair styled, crying all the way home. It’s not that I am really attached to my hair, but all I was thinking is, “how stupid are you?” trusting someone, who has little experience cutting curly hair and NO clue on the Curly Girl Method. But what was done was done and there was no reversing the outcome.

Weeks went by of my researching “tips of growing hair fast” and “pills for hair growth”, until I stopped and thought, “hey, there are worse things than getting a bad haircut”.

Now, seven months later, I have learned so much about really taking care of my hair. My “real” curls, the texture I was born with, is slowly but surely making its way to the surface, and I am proud when I see how far I have come. This is what I would like to share with you. Get past the devastation and wear your natural curls with pride, whether short or long, afro or wavy textures, embrace what you were born with <3


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  1. shinada2
    July 26, 2015 at 8:43 pm

    Thank goodness you're back :) Looking forward to more great posts!


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