Moisture & Hydration for Curly Hair

Curly hair tends to be very dry because of the unique structure of our curls. The natural oils have a difficult time making its way to the ends of the hair.

One thing that I have learned, and live by, is how important it is to moisturise and hydrate my curly hair. This can be as simple as spraying water on the hair each day, without actually washing it, or using products that provide your hair with the moisture and hydration it requires.

On wash day, I usually apply all my hair products (conditioners, styling creams, oils) and the rest of the week, I use water to refresh my hair by slightly dampening ithair oils. A small spray bottle comes in handy when you have little time to spare. Choose hair products that work for your hair type, but ensure that you are using products that have natural and botanical ingredients, refraining from using heat and vigorously brushing or styling the hair. When choosing products for hydration purposes, have a good read-through the ingredients. It is imperative that water (aqua) is the first, or one of the first ingredients on the list. Moisturising the hair seals in the hydration. Organic and natural occurring oils or products that include these ingredients, are what you should be looking for. To seal moisture, i use anything from coconut oil, almond oil or jojoba oil, depending on how much my hair might need.


Avril ConditionerMy favourite leave-in conditioner to use is the Avril Repair Conditioner. It is an organic, lightweight and hydrating conditioner, that I apply on wash day to give my hair the needed hydration. This is usually the first product I apply on my hair, using a finger-raking movement. Thereafter, I like using an oil (coconut, almond or jojoba) to lock in the hydration and giving the hair added moisture. Air dry and you’re good to go.


Ps: don’t forget to keep your body hydrated with water (an average of 2 litres a day). Your hair and skin will thank you! 😉


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