Najel Dead Sea Mud Mask

I took a leap and dived into the world of clay masks. Working in the cosmetics field, it’s important to be familiar with the products we have on offer. After testing many cream masks, where the effects wear off quite quickly, I opted to test the Najel Dead Sea Mud.


Suffering from atopic dermatitis, I have experienced the magical effects of seawater first hand. I remember breaking out in itchy patches on my stomach one autumn day and my mom suggested driving to the beach to collect some seawater. So off I drove to the Atlantic coast in Cape Town, to fill some bottles with seawater. It sounds odd, but I showered the affected areas with my seawater and low and behold, my itchy patches disappeared in no time, healing the wounds and leaving no scaring! It was like magic in a bottle!


mud mask blogInterestingly enough, the Najel Dead Sea Mud Mask has shown similar effects on the skin of my face. My dry, itchy patches have vanished, leaving my skin ultra regenerated, soft, smooth, refreshed and looking more youthful. The gentle application was surprising and one need only apply very little of the product. It is recommended to leave the mask on for about 20 minutes, in which time it dries to a hard texture. It rinses off gently with lukewarm water. I have noticed a tingling sensation, however I was not left with skin irritations, given that I have super-sensitive skin. The product is composed of one ingredient, namely Maris Limus Extract (Dead Sea mud) and it smells like the sea. To conserve this wonderful product, I have opted to store it in the fridge, although it does not specifically state that one should do so. A cool, dry place will do.



I use the Dead Sea Mud Mask once a week to treat my dry, combination skin, although oily skin types may feel the need to increase the application to twice weekly.



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