An Introduction to Organic Skincare

Organic living is all the craze these days. More and more studies are coming to the foreground, illustrating just how harmful conventional cosmetics is for our skin, and more importantly, our health. Conventional skincare and other personal care products contain chemicals that have been linked to causing cancer and birth defects.


So, you have made the choice to convert to a more organic lifestyle and thus, have thrown away all your chemical-laden skincare products and deciding on more suitable, organic and natural alternatives? I am not going to lie, this process can get a bit frustrating at times, since many cosmetics brands promote their products using misleading marketing labelling. Just because a product claims to be natural or organic, does not mean that it is!


Look out for certifications such as NaTrue and EcoCert. These help ease the product selection process, ensuring that the products containing these certifications are certified organic i.e. they contain ingredients that are completely, or partially certified organic combined with other ingredients that have been approved.


Another major tip to follow is to start reading your labels and know what they mean. This will separate conventional, chemical products from their organic and natural counterparts.

Vanilla Pod Antipodes.png

The safest option is to make your own, homemade concoctions. Organic apple cider vinegar diluted in water works wonders as a natural toner, and organic, unrefined virgin coconut oil is the perfect moisturiser for both face and body.


I recently purchased the Antipodes Skincare range that I use religiously mornings and evenings. It offers optimal moisture for my dry combination skin, smoothing lines and leaving a refreshed skin feel. In the evening, I opt for facial oil instead of a night cream, that provides my skin with extra nourishment and rejuvenation. Khadi Natural Cosmetics has a range of facial oils that are not too heavy on the skin, reasonably affordable, getting the job done!


Remember, it may take some time for your skin to adjust to using these products and incorporating these products into your skincare routine can be a bit more expensive than purchasing conventional, but isn’t your health worth the extra buck or five?


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