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Super Easy Protein Hair Treatment

We all know what it is like when hair is feeling dull, brittle and dry. You’ve run out of your favourite deep conditioner and are at a loss as to how to get your hair back to its luscious state? No need to panic! This protein treatment will get your hair looking and feeling vibrant and full of life again,… Read more →

Summer Curly Hair Care

In this day and age, protecting the skin from the harsh effects of the sun is self-explanatory. No one wants to suffer from sunburn or age quicker, and there are many studies out there as to whether or not it is better to use conventional sun block or opt for a more natural version. But what effects does UV radiation… Read more →

Hair Salon Visit Gone Wrong

I’ve neglected my blog for, what I thought, was a good reason. But thinking back, I was just being selfish and depriving my readers from experiencing from what I went through and preventing you from making the same mistake I did. About seven months ago, I decided to visit a hair salon to get my damaged ends cut and shape… Read more →

Fav Four of 2014

I have tried and tested an array of products during the course of last year. Some started off fantastic and after a few weeks of use, ended up having an adverse effect on my curls, which could be due to my curl pattern having changed over the last couple of months. However, the next four products have been doing the… Read more →

Cleansing – Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

Hello Lovlies!!   I’m back!! Today, I will start by introducing you to some of my staple products that I use to nourish my tresses. It is not easy finding products for curly hair like mine in Austria – the European market is just not aimed at catering to the needs of coarse curls. However, I have found quite a… Read more →

Product Review: Urtekram

Hello Lovlies   This time around, I will be reviewing a little gem that I found not too long ago. It’s not always a breeze finding products for my hair type. Most natural and organic products tend to be quite pricey in Austria and oftentimes, they do not bring the results that I am aiming for.   However, I happened… Read more →


Hello again Lovlies!   I’m back with one of my holy grails that completely changed my life: The Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey!      This was one of the first pieces I picked up before starting my transition. It’s basically a handy instruction booklet that goes into detail about identifying your curl type; how to style each curl type… Read more →

Then…and now…

  I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my curls for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I hated everything about my natural hair, but trying to manipulate my curls would take hours. Once I reached my teen years, I taught myself how to blow-dry and straighten my hair until the skill was perfected. After years of using heat… Read more →